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Common Signs of Door, Lock, Roof Damage

You may care about your house’s door a lot or you may prefer leaving it to the contractor – still, even doors perfectly cared of and supplied with the highest quality materials give way to time. Along with harsh weather conditions, time remains the worst enemy of both metal and tiled doors. It is not possible to fully stop corrosion or prevent damages from wind, hail and frost; however being timely detected, deterioration can be dealt with on its very beginning. Professional service Oakville door repair are at your disposal.


You see those every day, so why not to look for wear-and-tear signs?
  • missing shingles or loose shingles that are about to come off;
  • cupping shingles – the deformation like this happens due to differences in summer and winter temperatures;
  • buckling roof sections – seeing this may mean bad ventilation in the attic or improper installation of the roof elements;
  • cracked shingles – direct sunlight cause the granules to wear off, which makes asphalt brittle;
  • mossy or discoloured shingles – your roof may be not that much water-resistant if moss and algae find it comfortable to grow there. For more info – +1 8 555 SIDING phone.


As water drains from the roof from season to season, it takes with it some asphalt granules and also dust. With time, this causes depositions in the downspouts, but, most importantly, it indicates the current state of the shingles – which might do with some roof refurbishment.

Ceiling and Walls

That is right, your house’s interior, too, can be abundant with signs of roof damage.
  1. water spots or moisture drips appear on the ceiling or inner walls;
  2. mouldy upper corners of a room or black stains appear on walls;
  3. sagging ceiling sections;
  4. bulging wallpaper or walls painting coming off.

Water damage is by far the most common sign telling you that it is high time you call a roofer. The biggest difficulty with a leaking roof is to identify the problematic spot. Usually, dripping water does not come in a straightaway route from a leak, turning a seemingly minor issue into a task for a repair specialist. Moreover, the problem may not be even related to roofing – the plumbing pipes could as well be the culprit. Normally, an experienced roofing contractor will handle such problems for you without much fuss and erroneous opening of the insulation.

Roof Valleys, Chimney Flashing and … Termites
Even though the stainless materials of valleys and flashing might seem ageless, they also tend to develop various issues. For instance, loose shingles around a valley may compromise the water-tightness of its mounting. The same goes for flashing; as sturdy and reliable as today’s metal flashing systems look in comparison with tar, it still has its lifetime. Hire a skilled roofer if you suspect that some roof elements are leaking.

Finally, wood roof supports are a favourite place for termites to breed. To remove the pests properly, a specialist’s advice is indispensable. Ask your roof contractor if they can include a pest control option in the list of roofing jobs.